Reed College or becoming a Masters

I thought I might begin using this blog for my own edification.  Or perhaps an archaeological testament of the changes, trials and tribulations of a horse enthusiast with a myriad of unique talents and interests.  Last week was a new placard, a new step in a direction that I believe unifies the disparate worlds each foot stands grounded in.  In other words, last week was my first class at Reed.  And thus begins a more complete picture, I believe of what makes me wholly unique in this industry.  Horses for me are a lifelong love.  The passion, hard-work and quiet unity between myself and Zisel, that is typified most thoroughly in my love for life-long education.  I came from humble beginnings and it was nothing but raw interest in the world around me that brought be back time and again to the library.  It was a massive force problem, finding the kinetic energy to trudge up socio-economic divides and find a place for "poor, white trash" among the ivory tower elite.  Horses again, a re edification of that same problem, err, challenge.  At the end of the day I believe horses can be so much more than a social signifier of wealth and privilege.  It can be the medicine for faulty mental wiring; the smashing of the ceilings of personal limitations, from both internal and external sources.  Or, as I find it, the cessation of endless business of the external world.  Both in books and on horseback, the only focus is the matter at hand.  Whether it be a lateral shift of the left hind or the 4 foot fence approximately 3 strides away- in that exact moment nothing, absolutely nothing else exists.  Social pressures, personal pressures, the audience at the back gate or the patient instructor in the middle of the ring- the disappear into a blur.  This beautiful blur, where the only clarity is the feeling of horse and rider, THAT is what I live for. 

Step 1. Reed's Honor Principle