The horse sale integrity manifesto

When available I will pick up my phone, always.  If not available, usually teaching or riding where I never carry a phone to distract me,  I will get back to you within 24 hours.  

I will treat your horse as if it is my own.  She will live inside a comfy stall, full of kiln-dried pine bedding.  She will constantly have Eastern Oregon hay.  She will have clean buckets of water. She will have good-night treats and wither scratches.  She will be groomed meticulously and lovingly.

I will ride and work your horse as if she were in full training- five days a week of flat-work, gymnastics, hill-work and cross-country schooling.  She will be trained to carry herself, to be balanced and obedient.  From these sold basics, she will be confidant in her job and happy in her work.  She will be a pleasure to ride and to be watched ridden.

Your horse will be aggressively marketed.  All print and online ads will be updated to represent the most current level of the horses training.  Your horse will be fairly represented, always clear on the rider suitability, soundness and natural talents of the horse.

You will get weekly as well as monthly emails detailing the progress of training as well as relevant video and picture links.  Updates will list all possible leads and queries.  

You will be notified of any needed farrier, dental or veterinary work.  Permission to ascertain recommended work will be acquired before completion of said work (unless of course, in case of dire emergency) 

You will get a bill of sale.  All monies tendered will be delivered to you directly.

I will make recommendations for shows, clinics, etc. only upon the necessity to solidify the horse's likelihood of sale.  Your horse was sent to me for reasons of selling and I will do my absolute best to make decisions upon the horses care, representation and campaigning only on the basis of completing the sale.  

You are welcome to pop in during any business hours to see your happy, well-cared for horse.