Commitment to Education

As far as education in all things equine, I am never satiated.  There are always new products to research, new horses to ride and riders more seasoned then myself to question.  I remember oh so many years ago, following my mom's then TB trainer down the aisle incessantly asking him question after question, "why are the horses wrapped," "why can't they drink when they are being hand-walked, "why does X horse go with a pony?" ad infinitum.  It never stopped.

It is a professional responsibility to ensure that the education never stops, for ourselves and our riders.  It is our responsibility to take lessons, to talk to people we respect about what is going on in their heads and in their barn.  It is our responsibility to seek out inspiration, to read books and articles.  Most importantly, it is our responsibility to practice.

After all, this is a highly mental sport.  And when properly educated we are able to make conscientious training decisions without fallible emotion or bias.