Announcing Hawkins Equine, LLC

We are putting the final coding into the new website and blog. I think it is important that the horse community has ample dialogue on training methods, barn schedules and the programs and habits that engender positive horsemanship skills and practices. After all that is what my business is about- maintaining happy horses that are confident, relaxed and fit both physically and mentally. When I look around the show rings I am looking to align myself and my business practices with individuals that show longevity and consistency. I look for barns that are full of horses that have had long successful show careers and horses that look relaxed and peaceful. When you scratch beneath the surface of barns like this you find training programs that do not include drugs, gimmicks or gadgets. 

I am thrilled to begin this journey. I believe very much in my core concerns, horse welfare and solid horsemanship practices, and I hope by opening up discussion on unethical horse purchasing practices, unfair training expectations, over medicating...( I could go on for quite some time) fellow riders will take control of the management of the horses and begin to expect more from the professional community.