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Full Training:

  • $535/month.   5-6 lesson and training rides each week in addition to supervised care of the horse, specialized and equine nutritionist derived  , grooming/ health supplies and laundry services 
  • Single & Haul-In Lesson $50/ lesson


  • $600/month or $650/month for attached all-weather run paid directly to Laurel View Farm
  • Quality hay fed 3 times, daily turnout in individual or group field/all-weather paddock
  • Countless amenities and superb, specialized care.  


  • $50/day plus lodging split.  Equal split amongst all horses, including my personal show horses attending. 

PURCHASES, SALES & Consignment 

  • 12% Commission on purchase and sales of horses.  
  • Consignment 15% Commission for select horses.  


  • $50/ Session. Individual, one on one sessions with students in our club room.  
  • Past subjects include: mathematics (through differential equations) first and second order logic, english literature, chemistry and latin